What is Herringbone Parquet?

What is Herringbone Parquet?

Herringbone Parquet

Herringbone laminated parquets differ from plank parquets as of application. They are applied by clamping each other at an angle of 90 degrees from the top (head) side. Even if they are applied at an angle of 90 degrees to each other, they are placed at different angles in the area to be assembled. For example, instead of an angle parallel to the wall, they are laid diagonally across the wall. In this way, an image resembling a hungarian parquet flooring is obtained.

Herringbone parquet can be made using trees such as oak, walnut, beech as well as plank (flat) parquet. Today, the most preferred tree type is oak. The reason for this is that oak wood is both more durable and more affordable than other trees. The use of oak wood in herringbone parquets has been increasing in recent years. These parquets, which are accepted as the new generation of old-style herringbone solid parquet, have brought the durability of oak and the elegance of herringbone parquet to the surface again. Herringbone laminated parquets have become much more preferred due to the fact that the old type solid herringbone parquets are difficult to use and the working (rotation) potential of the tree is high.

Herringbone laminated parquets can easily show themselves in spaces with a minimalist structure and directly affect the spirit of the environment. Due to the movement it adds to the floor, it provides a complete harmony with the simple and stylishness of the items combined on it. If herringbone parquet is to be applied in a place that is far from simplicity, flashy and very active furniture, a choice should be made considering the mobility it will add to the environment. The fact that the herringbone parquets are active and the furniture catches the eye greatly enliven the environment, and after a while, it may confront the eye with a tiring concept.

Herringbone parquet application is usually applied by adhering to the floor with glue. This is the healthiest method. However, if the floor is very smooth, a floating system can be applied on a cork mattress.

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