Do you have Engineered Hardwood and Laminated Resistant?

Is Lamine Flooring Water Resistant?

Water Resistant Parquet

Do you have Flooring Resistant? This question is the most asked question by our customers. Worst case scenario, if your home gets water and if you do not intervene for a long time, even if your home's floor is marble or stone, in this case the form will be broken. If engineered hardwood flooring is produced using the right technology, using the right choice of dried woods, of course, resistant to water, humidity and even impact.

If engineered hardwood flooring do not have the right quality production, there may be such risks. But as Ligno Parquet, when we choose the trees we use, we show great sensitivity to this matter. The "Okoume" tree we use in the lower layers is a hard, porous tree of African origin, very resistant to moisture, water and heat changes. In addition, we use the first grade of paint and lacquer in the upper layer of the engineered hardwood flooring we produce, parquets can be used for many years while preserving the same form. Therefore, the engineered hardwood flooring we produce as Ligno Parquet are extremely resistant to water, humidity and heat changes and have a long service life.

Is Laminated Flooring Water Resistant?

The most common misconception in this regard is that laminate parquets are waterproof. This information is technically impossible. Because laminate parquets print photo on mdf. Since mdf has a water absorbent spongy structure rapidly, laminate parquet will react immediately when water is seeped from the surface and it will become unusable by swelling. The same applies to moisture. If the concrete to be applied is not of adequate moisture level, laminate parquet will react immediately and it will trap the water in the base of mdf.