What Are The Key Parts During Parquet Furnishing in Floor Heating Systems?

When Laying Parquet floor heating?

Sub-floor heating convenient parquet

Parquet Application in Sub-floor heating convenient parquet includes some important key parts out of rules written above and this should be exactly applied.

First of all Floor heating where Parquet is used should be water basis and it should not create a temperature higher than 27°C. Parquet will be subjected to more temperature difference since heating system starts and stops, will be expand and shrink more and this will create opening in joining points of the panels.

Preventing this effect is impossible in long time period. Bu this violence reaches a more disturbing situation in some trees which are more sensitive against heat and humidity changes. Therefore fagus and maple engineering parquets usage in floor heating systems are not recommended. Start to operate heating system 3 or 4 days before application For removal of probable humidity on floor and close the system before 2 days of application.

After finishing application start to operate the system with minimum temperature and gradually increase the temperature in 3-4 days. Gradually increase the temperature like this type when you open your heating system every year. This will provide parquet adapt your system easier.