What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Sticking to Ground Application?

Pros and Cons of Sticking place?

Pros and Cons of Sticking place?

If we talk and calculate cost about Engineering parquets application; one of the major allowance is the sticking to ground application. It is performed by directly sticking elements over the ground as it is done in old type solid parquet.

Sticking to ground application is very costly since it is laborious, special glues are used, there is high glue usage and usually it needs extra rectifying (leveling screed) in ground. All places and all kind of engineering parquet are not suitable for sticking to ground.

It takes more time with respect to floating system type application and you should start place your furniture at least 48 hours later instead of immediate placing. Food sound will be very low in ground where sticking to ground application is performed and ground will provide deeper sound feeling.

Also sticking to ground application is more suitable solution for large dimensional single areas, or long and thin corridors which are divided into several parts. However because of surface appropriateness of sticking application screed and humidity ratio; it should be done by specialist people in every stage very carefully and delicately.