What Are the Stages of Sticking to Ground (GLUED) Engineering Parquet Application?

Adhesive Glue application somewhere?

Adhesive Glue application somewhere?

It is very important to use right glue and using it in correct conditions recommended by manufacturer is very important. Place to be applied should be carefully examined and appropriate glue should be selected from reliable manufacturer according to place features and method recommended by glue manufacturer should be observed for mixing, consumption and using.

Generally ideal glue consumption is around 1000gr/m2 in sticking to ground application. However this amount can increase according to flatness of screed. In grounds having high permeability; lining and similar material which is recommended by glue manufacturer can be applied before application.

Being careful about following issues is very important during application:

  • Spread the glue in the area where you can do at once and without drying(max 15 minutes)
  • Do not glue lamp liners in sticking to ground application
  • Use wedges and pulling iron while inserting panels within each other.
  • Be careful that ground is flat and panels do not move until glue dries.
  • Do not walk over the grounds for 24 hours where application is performed. Click the points with your finger where you have doubt that it did not stick completely. If you hear a sound like there is gap; put weight over this place and provided sticking.
  • Jags of splayed hoe can be abraded in hard grounds like concrete. Check this during application and change your hoe if necessary.

Aplication ;

  • After shaving the short male edge; start the first row from left corner by placing long female edge towards wall.
  • Put the panel which will be used in last row over the previous one , lay male edge towards wall and measure the place where you will cut. Cut the panels 8 mm shorter where they are coincided and adjust the last piece. Last piece should not be shorter than 5cm.
  • Adjust the panel where you think that you can apply for 15 minutes with this system and mark the ground for this. After adjusting expansion gaps; spread the appropriate glue to until the place you marked by splayed hoe that is recommended by manufacturer.
  • After placing the elements for adjusting expansion gaps start to assemble panels by using lamp liners over wet glue. Be very careful at placing the first row.
  • Continue to next row by starting the remaining part of last panel. Use plastic wedge for inserting panels with each other.
  • Repeat the abovementioned stages by gluing area which you can apply in 15 minutes when you finish the place where you used glue.
  • Place the panels as male edges lay towards wall when you are applying the last row. Mark the distance with waste piece having complete width and mark the entire last row by sliding this piece alongside the wall. Adjust the last row by cutting panels from this point. Assemble them with each other by spreading glue in similar way. Use puller iron for complete joining. Of course do not forget to leave expansion gaps also in assembling of last row.
  • After completely finishing the application, remove the elements that you have used for adjusting expansion gaps and install the skirting. Never fix the skirting to the parquet.