How Should be the maintenance and cleaning of Parquet?

Laminate Parquet Care and Cleaning?

Laminate Parquet Care and Cleaning?

Generally we can assume that ideal place conditions for human life are also ideal for engineering parquet. Relative humidity betweenpercent30-60 will form ideal environmental condition for engineering parquet. Relative humidity which may occur especially in new buildings can result with more deformation than normal. Also it should be careful for not decreasing relative humidity less than %30 especially in winters and some kind of humidifier should be used for this situation.

  • Dry mop or electric vacuum cleaner can be used for daily cleaning.
  • You can wipe with slightly wet cloth after electric vacuum cleaner in detailed cleaning. It is better to use cloth instead of mop because mop can leave more water over mop.
  • You can use soft cleaning materials that are not including ammoniac for cleaning.
  • Major enemies for the parquet are mud, sand and pebble. Qualified doormats should certainly be used in commercial places’ door entrance.
  • Be careful that chairs having wheels have soft wheels or use protective mat under these chairs.
  • Stick felt protectors under feet of heavy furniture and try to carry them without sliding over parquet.
  • In case that any liquid drops over parquet, immediately wipe this liquid, if you let it wait over ground you can cause deformation over Parquet.

For the dirt;

  • Wipe food and drinks dirt with low wet cloth and preferably with massive cleaner. Wipe the hard dirt such as sticky material, ink, lipstick, and stripe rubbing traces with firstly rubbing with massive cleaner and after clean them with cloth which is made wet by mineral water. Contact with our supplier for burnt, broken and scratched parquets.