What should be the conditions for Engineering Parquet Application?

Condition during application must be?

Condition during application must be?

Engineering parquet is unique and natural floor material which adds value to our places. However, all environmental conditions and storage conditions should be carefully observed for natural massive from storing to application to using.

Doors and windows should be installed in application place and all spaces should be closed. Preferably engineering parquet should be the last work in place. Screed should be on grade and on scale in application place and relative humidity in screed should not exceed %40(sticking on floor %30). Provided that floating system is applied deficiencies up to 2 mm can be tolerated. However if sticking to ground is applied; screed should be so smooth or leveling screed should be applied to plymassive should be used over screed.

Ideal conditions in place where engineering parquet will be applied include relative humidity between %30-%40 and minimum 18oC temperature. Since it can be considered that relative humidity can be higher, heating the place or aeration can be solution for eliminating humidity.

Environment where engineering parquets are stored should be exposed to humidity, water and over temperature changes and stocked packages should not be used directly over concrete floor.