Ligno Handmade Flooring Company


Who are we? Handmade Parquet Pioneer Production

We have been working since 2000 as Ligno Parquet and we produce customized engineered hardwood flooring for both consumer and Project. We are Turkey's largest manufacturer company in wood flooring with more than 300 different product.

Our products are completely natural wood, are produced entirely by hand in our production facilities in Düzce, and are sold in Turkey and in many countries around the world. All of the engineered hardwood flooring we produce as Ligno Parquet are first class and at a level that they can easily compete with the most famous parquet manufacturer companies in the world.

We have also received full marks from the users at many fairs and events organized around the world.

Our Targets and Purposes?

Ligno Parquet's main goal and aim is to contribute to the country's economy by ensuring that the first class engineered hardwood flooring. We produce with 100% domestic capital and labor. Our goal is to stay on the world market and to show the quality and durability of the engineered hardwood flooring produced in our country compared to the competitors in the world market.

In line with this goal, we continuously improve our production quality, colors and standards by carrying out continuous AR-GE studies.

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