The Differences Between Cheap Lamine Parquet and Expensive Lamine Parquet

Cheap Lamine Flooring Is Convenient?

Cheap Lamine Parquet

Cheap lamine parcels are not very suitable parcels for long use even though they are attractive parcels for the price. This is because the UV lacquer used on them is easy to deform and easy to be scratched. For this reason, cheap lamine parquets are products that can solve some problems in the long run for the user...

What are the Differences Between Cheap Lamine Parquet and Expensive Lamine Parquet?

Inexpensive lamine parquets are produced from soft-textured woods such as hornbeam, beech and fir and the bottom layers are covered with UV varnish by printing 3 mm oak paper with a three-layer technique.

Expensive and top quality first class lamine parcels are produced with multilayer marine-contra-technology. 3.5 mm 1st Class Oak is used on the top layer. In the lower layers, okume tree is used. The Okume tree allows the laminating parkin to be durable against heat, nourishment, water and heat changes thanks to its porous and hard structure.

In this way, there is no problem in the lamine park, such as turning, running or throwing a bucket. Because we use about 650 grams of Italian lacquer per square meter of oak wood on the top floor, you can easily use these laminar parquets "(hotels, restaurants, cafes ...)" even in public places where the foot traffic is intense.