What are the Disadvantages of Using Cheap Parquet?

What are the Disadvantages of Using Cheap Parquet?

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"What are the disadvantages of using cheap parquet?" We can answer the question in several different ways. Although cheap flooring is known to be much more affordable than its counterparts in the market, it actually has differences in many ways. Cheap parquet prices are often preferred because they are attractive to users. However, compared to market data, cheap parquets can often cause some problems to users.

The concept of cheap parquet is a concept that must be understood correctly. To explain this with an example, selling the same car for 100,000 TL in the market for 50,000 TL will raise some questions. Because this is not normal. The same goes for cheap parquet. Having its name PARKE does not make it a good parquet. In order to be used without any problems for many years, it must have certain features and production technology.

When you research with a title in the form of affordable parquet or cheap parquet, you will come across unreasonable prices. Just as it is unthinkable to sell a flooring with a production cost of 50 TL per square meter for 30 TL, most products sold under the name of cheap parquet in the market will also cause some question marks.

Parquet is the hardest to replace product at home. For example, while you can change your sofa or white goods in half an hour, this period may take weeks to change parquet. It is not an easy task to change parquet, especially when you have items at home. For this reason, when choosing parquet, you should be very careful and not only because it is cheap!

To briefly list the disadvantages of cheap parquet;

  • Usage times are short.
  • It has a weak resistance against water and impacts.
  • When used in floor heating systems, its form may deteriorate quickly.
  • It may have dangerous health consequences.

Of course, all of these reasons are probable, but it is the situation that has happened to many people. Therefore, the last criterion when choosing the right flooring is that it is cheap flooring! It should be thoroughly researched on a cheap parquet and preferred after having enough knowledge of why it is cheap and thoroughly sure of its product features. Otherwise, it would be inevitable to have to change it after a few months.